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About Us

Kate and Shaun Woods own and run 10 CHAINS, along with help from family and close friends.  We feel very privileged to live in a beautiful part of Australia with such amazing grape-growing credentials. We are passionate about what we produce and wish to share it with all lovers of great wine.

Our wines are currently made under contract by Michael Ng and his team at Silkwood Wines, Pemberton. We are honoured to have such professional people looking after our valuable commodity!   

10 Chains

There is a strong sense of heritage in the Pemberton and Northcliffe regions of the South West of Western Australia. The area was first surveyed in the early 1900s as a potential source of timber and fresh produce for the growing colonies of Western Australia. The Group Settlement Scheme was established between the governments of Britain and Australia as a means by which to bring families (from both abroad and the young cities of Australia) to the region to clear the land and develop these industries. 

The original “Group Settlement 123” map, drawn in 1924, shows the land on which our vineyard now stands. It contains the scale of : “10 Chains to an inch”, hence where our name is derived from.  A copy of the map is displayed in our Cellar Door.  

A “chain” was a unit of length that was used extensively in mapping until the 1960s. One “chain” was equivalent to 22 yards (which is also the exact length of a cricket pitch!). Ten square chains was equal to an acre, and 10 chains long was a furlong.

More information on the Group Settlement Scheme can be found at the Northcliffe Pioneer Museum.  

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